Tomato, Cherry (HEIRLOOM)
SEEDED: March 7, 2012 (QTY 50)

Very early maturing 3/4-1″ tomatoes hang in long clusters of up to 8 bright red fruits. Whole clusters generally ripen together making them a good variety to pick by the bunch for fancy pants presentation at market. These taste more like a juicy slicer than a sweet cherry and keep on producing through the season. Actually they wouldn’t stop…we were astounded. The perfect cherry tomato for containers, they fill a brilliant niche in hanging baskets/buckets as these determinate vines are short but tend to sprawl. A great new discovery in 2009, originally hailing from Russia. Determinate.
65 days.


First Ladies

Tomato, Early (Hybrid)
SEEDED: January 13, 2012 (QTY 32 * 2011 Seeds)
TRANSPLANTED: February 14, 2012 (QTY 4 in S3)
TRANSPLANTED: March 7, 2012 (QTY 2 in N3)

(Kastalia cultivar) After a long reign as queen of early maturing varieties, First Lady II has stepped aside in favor of an even more productive variety. This robust performer matches or exceeds all of First Lady II’s fine qualities – consistently high yields over a long growing season, even under adverse weather conditions, plus eye-appeal, vigor and disease resistance. Globe shaped 5 to 7 ounce fruits mature from deep green to bright red. Holds well on the vine.

Big Zac

Tomato, Beef (Hybrid of 2 Heirloom varieties)
SEEDED: January 13, 2012 (QTY 24 * 2011 Seeds)

This prize winner was bred by Minnie Zaccaria, a New Jersey gardener who tirelessly sought the perfect cross-pollination of two heirlooms, finally creating this enormous tomato with fruits that repeatedly tip the scales at an amazing 4 to 6 lbs. We know that you’ll love it for its quality and its size. An excellent tomato in every respect – meaty and delicious, very disease resistant, and true-growing each time it’s planted. Furthermore, it has impeccable ancestors….a beautiful, red heirloom beefsteak-type, and a large, pink open-pollinated beefsteak heirloom.

Super Lakota

Tomato, Slicer Medium (HEIRLOOM)
SEEDED: January 13, 2012 (QTY 28 *2011 seeds)
TRANSPLANTED:February 18, 2012 (QTY 18 in S1)
TRANSPLANTED:March 7, 2012 (QTY 11 in N3)

This has been our standard red for summer slicer tomatoes for about as long as we’ve grown a garden. A reliable producer of 8-10oz mid sized fruits. Strong sturdy plants and blemish-free fruit with great balanced heirloom flavor keep us going with variety as our old standby. These grew AMAZINGLY well in our small high tunnel in the cold wet summer of ’08 (we had no idea what a little extra TLC could do!) and are an excellent choice for greenhouse or field production. Indeterminate.

75 days


Tomato, Slicer Early (HEIRLOOM)
SEEDED: January 13, 2012 (QTY 40 *2011 seeds)

Very early and very productive Czech variety with a strong following amongst PNW gardeners. 2-3″ deep red tomatoes with a nice balance of sweet/acid flavor. Potato leaf foliage on compact 4′ indeterminate vines. This was a new variety for us in 2009 and we were very pleased by their full flavor, early and ongoing productivity, and quality. Harvested by the bushel from field grown plants, which is very challenging in our climate. Grew these again in 2010 to make sure we loved them. We did. Mix with similarly sized Jaune Flammee for an eyecatching bi-color heirloom mix. Indeterminate.

55-70 days.

Italian Heirloom

Tomato, Slicer (HEIRLOOM)
SEEDED: January 13, 2012 (QTY 12 *2011 seeds)

The vines will grow 6- 8’ tall. They will be covered in flowers and heavy with green fruit. Big, ½ – 1+lb fruit. You will taste the first one and there will be no going back. Suddenly you will notice more flowers, more vines, and more fruit. You will get desperate. Friends will begin avoiding you and your, “gifts”. You will can every night and avoid the plants during the day. When you can no longer stand it you will return to find…more fruit!. They will give you no rest. You will never settle for less. They are that good. Large pear-ish shaped, red tomatoes ideal for both slicing and sauce as they are very meaty and most contain very little seeds. Incredible flavor with just the right balance of acid and sweet. Early and productive. Great for the Greenhouse! Indeterminate.

70-80 days.

Velvet Red

Tomato, Cherry
SEEDED: January 13, 2012 (QTY 20 *2011 seeds)
TRANSPLANTED: February 18 (Qty 4 in S3)

It seems strange to discuss the beauty of foliage when talking about a tomato, but we’ve never seen anything like this. The leaves are wooly! Not like an errant hair or two, we’re talking lambs ears or mullein wooly. These could be ornamentals, but of course that’s not enough to sell us on a tomato. Medium height plants produce excellent quality, very sweet and flavorful and slightly fuzzy red cherries in abundance. We’ve been looking for a really good medium sized open pollinated red cherry tomato for a while and just may have finally found it in Velvet. Maybe the best flavor for an OP red cherry we’ve tasted so far. Indeterminate.

Note: we don’t think this variety is fully stabilized yet and will throw a percentage of smooth leaved plants. If saving seed from these, save only from fuzzy leaved plants.

75-80 days.