December 2012- Casa Verde Winter U Pick

Happy Holidays from Casa Verde!!!! Ryan and I are tucking in the greenhouse in preparation to leave for the next couple¬†months. Deliveries ended a bit unexpectedly last week, but I am happy to deliver this week to those of you NOT interested in U-Picking…so please let us know.

…and for those of you who would like to come to the greenhouse and U-Pick veggies during December & January, please come! We WANT you to u-pick, but if you plan to, we really need you to come by this week for orientation around the greenhouse. We are around now thru Saturday, December 1st, just call or email and let us know when you plan to come by, 541-400-9510. You can expect a 10-15 minute orientation, and then you can spend as much time as you like making your first u-pick harvest!

You’ll get a tour of what’s growing over the winter including; kale, chard, salad greens, arugula, golden beets, and possibly radishes (in January) and a few onions, cilantro & parsley, as well as best harvesting practices for each. There is a U-Pick table set up with scissors, knives, and bags, a scale and a book to write down what you take.

You may also be shown some of the greenhouse systems, so you can help us make sure everything is working as designed. If you notice anything odd, there will be a phone number for Bruce Bolme on the table, who is going to troubleshoot and fix any issues that may arise. The checks are simple so please don’t be intimidated. The main concern is that the Tilapia make it safely through the winter. The checks will be visual only, and might include: water temperature (digital display), is there water flowing?, is there water flooding?…

Also, please check your balance: website,

If you charge up your account now your balance will roll over to next year, and likely last into tomato season! Please let me know if you have any questions.

Thank you! Thank you, thank you!

Yes, we’re growing veggies… but what I learned this year is that we are really building community, with you. Thank you for helping to build this with us, taking the extra time to wash your veggies, to text me your questions, and for stopping by the greenhouse to give friends a tour. Small connections on a regular basis build the strongest bonds- let’s love what we eat!

Mo Veggies, Mo Love!!!
Moria & Ryan


Delivery- September 13, 2012

This week is the 2nd Annual Heirloom Expo in Santa Rosa, California. There’s been a full schedule of BioDynamic lectures and I’ll be coming home ready to implement nutrient and energetic rich soil preparations and maybe one day tread into the inspiring biodynamic bee world where you don’t keep bees, you live with them.

Ryan will be making the deliveries this week- thank you!!

3lbs tomatoes $12, kale/chard $4, 1lb peppers $6, beans $3, 3oz basil $3 TOTAL $28

Delivery- August 30, 2012

The greenhouse is starting to cool down. We didn’t have any salad mix during August but now that the heat wave of the past few weeks is abating we’ll be seeing a change in veggies coming out of the greenhouse.

This photo is of the experimental luffa we planted in June- its huge! It’s the biggest plant in the greenhouse! And it has 1 fruit on it! Let’s see what happens- more to come!

2lbs Tomatoes $8, cucumber $2, kale/chard $4, squash $2, peppers $6, beets $4, 1.5oz basil $2, eggplant $6,green beans $3 TOTAL $37


Delivery- August 23, 2012

The new fish tank is built! Next step the pluming. Ryan is working on how to connect all 3 of the fish tanks, the 10 grow beds and the 8 grow tubes that’ll be above the walkways…

3lbs tomatoes $12, kale/chard $4, peppers $3, eggplant $6, 3oz Basil $4, green beans $3, cucumbers $4, squash $2 TOTAL $38


Delivery- August 16, 2012

If you visited the greenhouse this spring you probably asked about the big 4′ x 16′ hole in the ground. This week we started building the in-ground fish tank- here he is lining the tank w foam board insulation.

3lb Tomatoes $12, peppers $6, cucumbers $4, kale/chard $4, green onions $2, green beans $3, purselane $2, basil $1, TOTAL $34


Delivery- August 9, 2012

Cass & Wren debut at the Farmers Market! Ryan and I have been really enjoying the social aspect of the market- visiting with members, fellow farmers and meeting new people. Plus the local food becomes more a part of our diet each week- buying veggies we don’t grow, delicious raw cheese from Trout Lake and fresh baked bread and tarts!!

3lbs Tomatoes $12, peppers $6, cucumbers $4, Kale/chard $4, Green beans/ squash $2, grn onions $2, big bag of basil $3, potatoes $2 TOTAL $35