U Pick Supervisor Iris

Michael & Christine called from the Rosauer’s parking lot to see if they could come by the greenhouse to get some salad. I wasn’t there. I suggest a U Pick scenario and Iris took care of the rest!



Our Top 2 Volunteers stop by for a visit

My folks stopped by Hood River on their way to Yuma, AZ. The last time they were here was in September and they built the second fish tank.

Since then the lights have been put up, we updated the electrical system, the fish tank pump was added, the on-demand water heater was added, we got fish, built a few more beds, added the rubber liner, imported pumice from Chemult, OR, survived our first winter……

They’ll be back again in 2 months on thier way back home to Vancouver, BC. I have a feeling they will be wow’ed by how much is growing when they return.

Bruce Bolme- The Gorge’s Best Friend

Bruce is a powerhouse! The Re-Build-It Center, RiverHOURS and the Unitarian Church are just a few of the hours his volunteer efforts go. I am lucky to call him a friend, and Ryan is happy to call him a fellow engineering mind!

Ryan and Bruce have been collaborating on projects at the greenhouse and their having a blast. This morning Bruce called by to check in on us- what a lovely way to kick off the week.

Thanks Bruce! See you again, anytime, soon!

Robin Cunningham & Elise

Robin’s chipper voice is contagious. It turns out she and I both have a thing for researching greenhouse growing systems, particularly on YouTube (I’ve added a few of my favorites on our FaceBook page and we’ll be adding some of our own soon too).

Robin is planning to come back and help us re-pot seedlings… I can’t wait to learn from her how to graft tomatoes and more!

Enchanting Alpaca Owners

Rick & Carol Thayer came by for a visit on Monday. I’ve known and loved Carol for years since we met because of Enchanted Alpaca and PoCards. Carol has been my spunkiest cheerleader these past two years while developing Casa Verde.

Carol has been threatening to build her own greenhouse up in Glenwood, WA and I hope coming by to see what we have done was inspiring. Her and Rick had a shiitake & maitake mushroom farm in Camus years ago and both Ryan & I were grateful for the info and inspiration because that’ll be started at Casa Verde sometime this year.

Our #3 Volunteer

Introducing Hood River native, mixed martial arts fighter/lover, healthy whole food omnivorous, permaculture student, and son of a very northwest windsurfing & beer making family Alex Evans!!!!

If you or your kids are practicing Martial Arts in Hood River chances are he’s your up and coming dojo master. We are lucky Alex has been inspired to have his cross training workouts be outside of the gym and involved in working with earth.

So why are #3 Volunteer? My parents are #1 & #2. Alex is our Earth Mover! He’ll be coming by Tues & Thursday from 10am till 2pm (lunch included). If your interested in volunteering be in touch. Thanks Alex!!

Friendly Visitors

We love visitors at Casa Verde. Come visit us anytime. Again and again.

These days a lot changes from day to day. New projects are being started. And hopefully a few are being completed and you can check in on how they are progressing.

Bring the Kids!

There isn’t any formal learning program here but we invite kids and parents to come and be inspired. We will be looking into a few kid friendly activities in the future so if you have any suggestions please let us know.