Emerald Oak

Lettuce, Butterhead
SEEDED: March 8, 2011 (1/10 tray)
SEEDED: March 17, 2011 (1 tray)
GERMINATED: march 26 (second of 5 to germinate)

One of our 2003 farm-original releases, and we still really like it. A very tidy and compact jewel green oakleaf that matures into a dense buttery-hearted head. Leaves are perfect salad size from either baby or mature heads. From a cross between Blushed Butter Oak and Deer Tongue, this variety captures some of the best taste and texture qualities of each. A home farm favorite, with raves from trial grounds all around. Tom Stearns’ mother sent her special thanks to us for breeding the tasty little thing. Farm Original Variety!